Flower Care

Flower care services don’t need to be complicated or unmanageable. New Leaf’s highly trained staff will maintain your gardens and flower pots to encourage healthy plants and blooms.

Flower Pot Maintenance

All pots and containers will be thoroughly watered, dead headed and staked (if necessary).  Fertilizer will be administered every other week, or as needed. In the Fall all pots and containers will be emptied and cleaned to prevent the wintering over of insects and bacteria.  Pots will be stored on the Client’s property.  Pot winterization is very important, as clay and glazed pots are highly susceptible to damage in harsh winter weather.

Rose Garden Maintenance

All rose beds will be weeded, edged and fine raked.  Roses will be pruned of all dead wood, shaped and fertilized to allow for optimal growth and healthy roses throughout the season. During the summer months all roses will be dead headed, pruned, trained and staked (if necessary) to enhance plant health and encourage flowering.  Rose beds will be weeded, edged and fine raked.  Roses will be fertilized every other week, and preventative insect and disease deterrents will be administered as needed. After leaf fall, roses will be hard pruned to prepare for winter, and the crowns will be composted or mulched for extra protection.

Garden Maintenance

In the Spring all garden beds will be weeded, cultivated, edged and fine raked.  All dead plant material will be removed and all perennials and deciduous shrubs will be fertilized.  During the summer months gardens will be weeded, edged, dead headed and staked (if necessary).  All perennials and annuals will be fertilized and preventative for insect and disease activity will be applied every other week, or as needed.  After the first hard frost, all herbaceous plant material will be cut back and perennials will be divided as needed.  All weeds will be removed and final bed edging will be completed.