Professional Care for Trees & Shrubs

New Leaf’s landscape maintenance professionals and Certified Arborists can maintain the health and beauty of your property’s trees and shrubs. 

Sit back and enjoy a beautiful yard that all your neighbors will envy. We take care of everything to ensure that it is visually attractive all year long. Whether this means dealing with storm damage, using our cutting-edge pest control strategies, keeping up with nature’s normal growth or determining the right fertilization methods. New Leaf does it all. 

Spring Deep Root Fertilization

Ornamental trees and shrubs will be fertilized with appropriate natural organic fertilizers and supplements to promote early blossoms and enhance the overall vigor and health of your prized specimens.

Horticulture Oil

An application of horticulture oil will be administered to your ornamental trees and shrubs, smothering any wintering over soft-bodied insects and insect eggs.

Tree and Shrub Application Program

This is a specialized proactive tree and shrub care program. The applications are designed to promote optimal health and performance of your ornamental trees and shrubs, while helping to ease environmental pressures, such as insect activity and severe weather conditions.


Mulch is applied after feeding to encourage optimal water levels of 30% to 40%. It provides protection against the severe heat of the summer months and the severe cold in winter. It is especially beneficial to newly planted trees and shrubs.


This application will provide a protective waxy coating for the winter, blanketing your ornamental trees and shrubs against the harsh winter conditions, and allowing for much less evaporation of essential moisture through the leaves.

Fall Fertilization

All ornamental trees and shrubs will be fertilized with natural organic fertilizers and supplements to alleviate some of the stress created by the heat of the summer and prepare all ornamental trees and shrubs to help withstand the harsh conditions which normally accompany the onset of winter.