Lawn Care & Turf Management

New Leaf is your full service company offering Mowing, Weed Control and Turf Management services. We will provide a customized Turf Management Program to address the specific needs of your property. Based on the results of your soil test, we will design a regimen of treatments to keep your turf healthy and looking its best throughout the growing season. Slow-release fertilizers will be used, which will minimize the amount leached into the soil, helping to protect valuable groundwater.

Other established treatments used throughout the season will control the emergence of weeds, fungus and insects in your turf. Weed control treatments include pre-emergent crabgrass control and post-emergent weed control. Micronutrients, such as Lime or Iron, will be applied as needed and as determined by soil test results.

Soil Test

A soil test is used to determine soil conditions, microbial activity and nutrient levels. A test can be taken at any time of the year and is typically performed once per season to provide direction in achieving optimum soil health and will be used to customize your Turf Management Program.

Core Aeration

An important procedure in lawn care, mechanical core aeration will allow increased oxygen to penetrate to the root zone of the turf, encouraging microbial activity and helping to relieve soil compaction. Core aeration will also provide more room for root growth and increase drainage.


Using a slit-seeding machine and/or hand broadcasting method, new seed will be planted directly into the soil. This allows the lawn to recover from the previous season, preparing it to tolerate stressful conditions in the following season. It encourages a thicker turf which discourages weeds and helps with rejuvenation.

Driveway Care

Driveway will be kept well groomed. Gravel and potential ruts will be raked out as required. When necessary the driveway will be topdressed with fresh gravel to alleviate thin areas and increase the longevity of the driveway surface.